DxO acquires the Nik Collection from Google

I am delighted to share this news:

DxO plans to continue development of the Nik Collection. The current version will remain available for free on DxO’s dedicated website, while a new “Nik Collection 2018 Edition” is planned for mid-next year.

“The Nik Collection gives photographers tools to create photos they absolutely love,” said Aravind Krishnaswamy, an Engineering Director with Google. “We’re thrilled to have DxO, a company dedicated to high-quality photography solutions, acquire and continue to develop it.”

DxO is already integrating Nik tech into their apps:

The new version of our flagship software DxO OpticsPro, which is available as of now under its new name DxO PhotoLab, is the first embodiment of this thrilling acquisition with built-in U Point technology (video).

Having known them as Photoshop developers, I was always a big fan of the Nik crew & their tech. (In fact, their acquisition by Google was instrumental in making me consider working here.) I wanted to acquire them at Adobe, and I was always afraid that Apple would do so & put U Point into Aperture! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The desktop plug-ins, however, were never a great fit for Google’s mobile/cloud photo strategy, and other than Analog Efex, none had been improved since 2011 (more than a year before Google acquired them). I know that Aravind Krishnaswamy (badass photog, Photoshop vet, eng manager for Google Photos) and other went many extra miles to find a good new home for the Nik Collection, and I’m really excited to see what DxO can do with it. On behalf of photographers everywhere, thanks guys!


One thought on “DxO acquires the Nik Collection from Google

  1. That’s wonderful news. My only fear is that they market the collection so as to oblige anyone who wants and loves NIK to buy a full suite that includes library, and develop functions. Many of us want to use them as plug-ins only, and not as part of a larger suite of tools. Although, hopefully the´ll offer both options. Thank you DxO. I´ll certainly be the first one to buy the new DxO Nik Collection!

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