Google Assistant adds more than 50 kids’ games and activities

When they’re not savagely trolling me (“Hey Google, play Justin Bieber!”—then running away), the Micronaxx really enjoy playing the “I’m Feeling Lucky” trivia app with us. Therefore I was charmed to get invited to brainstorm with my Toontastic friends & others from Google’s kid-focused group, coming up with all kinds of ideas for other family-oriented audio apps. Now that work is starting to come to fruition, enabling 50+ new games & activities on Google Home:

Google says the Assistant is now better at recognizing kids’ voices; and like adults, it’ll be able to distinguish between them so that it can customize responses to each person. To do this, kids will need a Family Link account, which around Google accounts for kids under 13 that allow for parental supervision.

Check it out:



One thought on “Google Assistant adds more than 50 kids’ games and activities

  1. SO . . what ARE the 50 activities? Have you seen a list or are you just assuming they exist because google’s publicity group says they do.

    Wher is the link to your source?

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