An entirely generative realtime musical performance

1992 Pink Floyd laser light show in Dubuque, IA—you are back. 😅

Through this AI DJ project, we have been exploring the future of DJ performance with AI. At first, we tried to make an AI-based music selection system as an AI DJ. In the second iteration, we utilized a few AI models on stage to generate real-time symbolic music (i.e., MIDI). In the performance, a human DJ (Tokui) controlled various parameters of the generative AI models and drum machines. This time, we aim to advance one step further and deploy AI models to generate audio on stage in near real-time. Everything you hear during the performance will be pure AI-generation (no synthesizer, no drum machine).

In this performance, Emergent Rhythm, the human DJ will become an AJ or “AI Jockey” instead of a Disk Jockey, and he is expected to tame and ride the AI-generated audio stream in real-time. The distinctive characteristics of AI-based audio generation and “morphing” will provide a unique and even otherworldly sonic experience for the audience.

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