Typography: Art Text 3 can create cool, non-cheesy 3D type

It makes me sad that after 10 (!!) years of having 3D in Photoshop, I can’t think of a single time I’ve created good-looking text in it, much less anything else 3D of value. Given that PS includes a whole 3D engine, I hope that someday it’ll include easy ways to make attractive text.

In the meantime, amidst sometimes literally cheesy results, Art Text 3 ($29.99) produces some rather impressive pieces. Maybe Adobe could just license & bundle it as a plug-in. Hmm… (No, I don’t know anything you don’t know.)




Photography: A global hyperlapse made using Google Earth

Wow: Graphic design student Matteo Archondis labored to create this 2-minute tour of the planet using only images he snagged from Earth:

PetaPixel writes,

In all, the hyperlapse contains some 3,300 screenshots captured over the course of 2 days, and edited together in a grueling post-processing workflow that took another week after that…

“Thanks to the developer tools of Google Chrome, I was able to remove all the items that interfered with the user experience,” explains Archondis. “I also removed the labels so that the final image could be as clean and realistic as possible, so that I could concentrate on the camera movements as if it was in real life.”



VR: How Hyundai brought soldiers’ families together at the Super Bowl

It’s easy to pooh-pooh VR (believe me, I’ve bagged on plenty of examples), but this bit of immersive telepresence is pretty special: 

Forbes explains,

Using satellite technology, 360-degree immersive pods and the filmmaking direction of Peter Berg, Hyundai… showed the soldiers experiencing a kind of virtual reality: that they were in Houston watching the Big Game live in a suite on site. But the shocker at the end and shown live just after the game was when it was revealed that—in a twist on the classic soldier-surprises-family—their loved ones were in the suite to surprise them.

Footage from Houston and Poland was edited and produced in a production trailer outside the stadium during the game.



“Enhance!”: Imaging tech makes something out of (almost) nothing

Wow—this paper (don’t worry, I’m not going to read it either) promises to recreate face data from extremely low-res images. As Yonatan Zunger explains,

[I]t takes a pixelated image, and uses the fact that it knows it’s looking at a human face, and what human faces look like, to turn each pixel into a 4×4 grid of its best guess of which colors would have to have been there to both be consistent with a face shape and with the average color it saw.

On the right are the original pictures, at 32×32 resolution. On the left is what happens after they’re reduced down to 8×8, the sort of thing you would get when a camera is at the limit of its resolution. In the middle is what their algorithm recovered.


When POTUS met AE…

“The devil…that proud spirit…cannot endure to be mocked.” — St. Thomas More

Started just a few days ago by a VFX artist who prefers to remain anonymous, @TrumpDraws has been remixing 45s’ document-waving to hilarious effect:

The Washington Post writes,

Trump “committed the sin of any public figure: You don’t hold up a piece of paper or a sign, because you’re just inviting people to Photoshop something into it.”

Using Adobe Systems’ After Effects software and a plug-in called mocha, he set up a template that tracks the location of the sheets of paper through the short video clip and overlays whatever drawing pops into his head.


Elsewhere, kick back to the soothing sounds of Life Accordion to Trump:

[Via Jon Lin] [YouTube]