Changes are coming to Google Photos storage

TL;DR: High quality storage will no longer be unlimited, but this won’t happen for a while; free storage remains a generous 15GB (more than enough for most people); and 100GB of storage costs two bucks a month.

Beginning June 1, any new photo or video uploaded in High quality in Google Photos will count toward your free 15 GB storage quota or any additional storage you’ve purchased as a Google One member. To make this transition easier, we’ll exempt all High quality photos and videos you back up before June 1. This includes all of the High quality photos and videos you currently store with Google Photos. Most people who back up in High quality should have years before they need to take action—in fact, we estimate that 80 percent of you should have at least three years before you reach 15 GB. You can learn more about this change in our Google Photos post.

Amazing shots capture BMW’s electric wing suit

Does this thing seem like the absolute best use of BMW’s R&D resources? Uhh… but hey, check out some wild camera angles & dramatic fly-bys:

Design Taxi writes,

The electric wingsuit is equipped with a rig on the chest, which provides an output of 15kW. This delivery is then split among two 7.5kW carbon impellers that can spin at the speed of 25,000 RPM and produce a thrust for around five minutes.

L’Oreal brings exclusive digital makeup to Google Duo, other apps

I’m really pleased to see my last team’s engine (which is already powering makeup try-in in YouTube) getting put to good use:

L’Oréal Paris is also releasing one “exclusive look” on Google Duo, making it the first beauty brand to be used directly within Google’s video conference system. 

It’ll be interesting to see how the market for digital makeup & apparel evolves in a more socially distant, WFH world.