CS3 screensavers available

If you like the colorful packaging of the Creative Suite 3 applications but find the desktop wallpaper versions a little too static, check out the new CS3 screensavers, ready for download from Terry White’s blog.  I found the preview display a little jerky on my Mac, but the problem disappeared once I enabled Flash inside QuickTime (via System Preferences). [Via Jane Brady]

0 thoughts on “CS3 screensavers available

  1. I installed this on my Windows XP machine and it runs great. Thanks to the link to another great resource. Keep the image links coming.
    I have to admit, Terry White’s work is pretty impressive.
    [Yeah–while I was waiting for the blogging admins to raise my quota so that I could upload the screensavers, Terry totally beat me to the punch! –J.]

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