Use Core Image inside InDesign, Illustrator

The peeps at RogueSheep have unveiled Magma Effects, a $50 InDesign plug-in that leverages Apple’s Core Image technology.  The result is that you can stack up fast, non-destructive image effects (blurs, glass, etc.); here’s a screenshot. [Via]  They’re also developing a version for Illustrator, downloadable now in beta form.  It would be cool to see these guys package up the filters for Photoshop (something we’ve wanted to do, but which hasn’t yet fit into a release cycle).    [Previous/related: Use Photoshop effects inside InDesign CS3.]

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  1. John –
    This may hit a side-tangent a bit [and may have a more relevant “home” elsewhere] – but as far as Core “graphics” are concerned – Core Audio – Core Video – Core Image built into OS X_ At some point on the roadmap does Adobe plan on harnessing these technologoies for it’s various Mac Version of products – Soundbooth – Premiere/AfterEffects – Photoshop [resp.] ??
    As above Illustrator and InDesign now have some method to access these technologies in a limited capacity – I found mention of someone asking here –
    – about PS’s use of Core Image tech with a definitive No_
    Or is there a discussion about this elsewhere already ?
    [Good questions. We’re actively working on ways to better leverage computers’ graphics cards (GPUs). Whether that involves using Core Image per se, or whether it means rolling our own cross-platform solution, is a sub issue. The importance is to make Adobe apps as fast and slick as possible, regardless of which libraries are used to do so. I don’t mean that to sound evasive at all; suffice it to say we’re on the case (and have been investing here for some time). –J.]

  2. Thanks John_
    Meant to get back sooner – had a project deadline for the first week in August_
    Anyway – it kind of answers the question and you weren’t being too evasive_
    I was just curious since Apple and other 3rd party folks keep hyping up all of this Core technology built into the OS and I’ve seen some demos of “lite” software titles being built around it – with folks swearing by it better than Photoshop and what not_ But the titles I’ve seen more directly compete with the likes of Aperture or Lightroom or iPhoto than can be really put into the ring with PS_
    Anyway – thanks for the info_

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