Typography: Tats, comics, & more

  • On Slate, famous authors discuss their favorite fonts.  As expected, they can wax entertainly rhapsodic about typefaces.  But Courier?  Yes, well, I guess it’s not distracting anyone with its raw beauty.
  • Thomas Phinney has posted tons of info from the recent TypoTechnica conference, including Adobe’s presentations at the show.
  • Body Type catalogs "intimate messages etched in flesh." [Via]
  • The latest installment of TypeTalk offers useful tips on word spacing, unit differences between Quark & InDesign, and more.
  • Kerrang! Dig a whole site’s worth of Comic Book Fonts. [Via]
  • Ever wonder what typeface a particular company uses?  Here’s a handy list.  One addition from personal experience: British Airways uses Mylius.  (Of course, the list being a Wiki, I should probably just add that…) [Via]

2 thoughts on “Typography: Tats, comics, & more

  1. Hi John,
    Speaking of fonts – I took the plunge and bought a copy of Adobe Web Premium yesterday. Despite all my moaning about the pricing structure. I found a supplier who was selling it quite reasonably (For those of you in the UK – try http://www.genstar.co.uk)
    [Glad to hear it. –J.]
    However the sloppy packaging for the DVD’s meant they were floating loose and all scratched up. The apps DVD finally installed after 45 minutes and numerous chugging noises (on a 2Gb RAM Intel Duo Core IMAC) but the extras Cd (Content) was pretty much fragged and scratched to death from its transit and kept locking my MAC as it tried to read it. So no extras or fonts or anything else like that for me 🙁
    [Sorry to hear that. –J.]
    They (Genstar) are trying to get another Content CD but they are having issues with Adobe. Are your sales guys that annoying that even when I spend all the money to buy the product they can’t be bothered to help?
    [You should be able to contact Customer Service directly, using your serial number/proof of purchase. I don’t know why Genstar would be involved. –J.]
    Rant over – nice fonts links by the way and good interview in Digital Photographer magazine (I’m a UK subscriber so I get my copy about 2 months behind the USA)

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