Share your SWFs, help Adobe, get a reward

Adobe now makes quite a few tools that create Flash content in one form or another.  One size certainly doesn’t fit all, and as you’d imagine the company is always trying to craft the right mix of tools.  To that end, the research team is gathering examples of SWF projects of all shapes and sizes.  By submitting examples, you can help Adobe teams get a better sense of what is (and isn’t) being built & therefore what tools are needed.  To say thanks, participants get entered into a drawing for gift cards.  If all this sounds interesting to you, please read on for details from Customer Research.  –J.

Adobe’s customer research team is collecting an assortment of SWF content. We are looking to get a wide range of content for a variety of purposes so that we can better understand the types of projects people are working on, and better support those projects that are not always posted on the web. We are especially interested in uses of SWF beyond web sites and advertising – such as (but not limited to) presentations, e-learning, character animation, prototypes, games, rich internet applications, etc. We’d also like to get representation of a variety of skill levels, so feel free to submit your project even if you are not an ActionScript user.
For every 50 submissions we receive, we will select one at random to receive an gift card for $50 (US dollars). You can submit as many projects as you like!
For each submission, please send the following to by July 6, 2007:

  • Your SWF or a link to your project or a screenshot of the project
  • A brief description (3 to 4 sentences) describing the audience and purpose of the project
  • Descriptive tags to categorize the project’s content and purpose – Use as many or as few tags as you like, and feel free to make up your own. Some examples tags are included below.
  • Percent of all your projects that are SWFs
  • Percentage of time you spend writing ActionScript
  • Percentage of time you spend using the timeline
  • Your name
  • Your job title and company
  • Your phone number (so a member of the Adobe’s customer research team can contact you for a quick 15 minute phone call if they need more information)

Please feel free to forward this message to others who might be interested or post it on your blog.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Adobe Customer Research Team

0 thoughts on “Share your SWFs, help Adobe, get a reward

  1. By submitting examples, you can help Adobe teams get a better sense of what is (and isn’t) being built & therefore what tools are needed.

    Can I ask a dumb question? How do you tell what isn’t being built? What I mean is, how does Adobe intend to differentiate between not being built and simply not being submitted?

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