New design contests, sponsored by Adobe

  • San Francisco radio station KFOG is raising money for area food banks with their "Live from the Archives" CD compilation.  They need a cover design, and the grand prize winner gets $1000 and the Creative Suite 3 Design Premium.  There’s also a Suite up for grabs for whoever displays the best use of Adobe software in his or her entry.  If you’re game, check out the contest details.
  • The Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament pits designers against one another in live, on-stage showdowns around the country. "Over the course of several fast-paced, single-elimination rounds," they write, "eight designers using the latest tools will be whittled down to one champion. now accepting entries for its 2007 series."  All contestants receive CS3 Design Premium (!).  Other loot includes a Wacom Cintiq tablet/monitor and the CS3 Master Collection (truck for hauling it not included). [Via Terry Hemphill]

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  1. You know, there’s one thing that bugs me about these design competitions. They all ask for submissions on disk.
    I use computers extensively in my work, but I use antique photographic printing processes to make unique prints using custom pigments. I make my own photo emulsions from metallic inks like silver, copper, and gold. I can’t submit a jpeg of my work, you’d never get even the slightest idea of what the work is like, the prints are made specifically so that you must see them firsthand, they use subtle reflective and birefringent effects.
    So I can never submit my work to competitions, they all want either a digital file or state that contest submissions will not be returned. I can’t afford to send a print worth hundreds of dollars (wholesale) to a contest and never see it again.

  2. Sorry to change the topic John, but is there any chance of picking your brain on the inner workings of the ‘Select>Similar’ command? I’ve experienced some strange results which I’ve detailed in this forum thread.

  3. The KFOG Live from the Archives cover art contest is not restricted to digital submissions. Last year’s entries for the KFOG contest included a wide variety of traditional art/mixed media entries, from sculpture to quilting. And the artwork will be returned if you provide return postage.

  4. Looks like you have to live in the area to participate – darn.
    “open to all persons 18 years of age and older residing in the Nine County Bay Area”

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