Bleedin' for the 'Dobe

Wow–I’ve known a few people to shave/dye an Adobe "A" into their hair, but this is really something else: an Adobe tattoo (not a Photoshop job, I think!).  I must officially throw the Adobe gang sign out of respect. 😉

Photo GPS nerds might enjoy learning that Angelina Jolie has tattooed the coordinates of her childrens’ births onto her arm.  Is that better or worse than adorning oneself with a Decepticon head? [Via]  In any case, it’s gotta beat getting the Zune logo, no?

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  1. Oh DUDE. That guy with the (terrible) decepticon logo needs to stop. For the love of all that is holy, they need to put some clothes back on him and bar him from all tattoo parlors. This is a guy that would get a butterfly tattoo underneath his belly button stud, in exchange for a six pack of Keystone.
    And I gotta say, John… send the other guy a copy of CS3! Good word of mouth isn’t cheap… 😉

  2. John – Not only do you bring good information, you do bring ‘teh funny’ – “throw the Adobe gang sign”
    Regarding your post concerning people’s comments, I found the following comment on the Adobe Tattoo post –
    ryan wrote: congratulations on being a tool.
    Wow – people need to lighten up.

  3. Hey John, thanks for noticing my little [A] Tattoo. It was kinda inevitable, seeing the fact that for the last 10 years (maybe more) i am dependent on Adobe software if i want to eat something and have a roof over my head. I witnessed the introduction of LAYERS to Photoshop, the History (a.k.a. no-more-only-one-undo) and things like that.
    Stay cool, Daemon out.

  4. That Adobe tat is pretty sweet looking. However, if Adobe ever changes their logo anytime soon (or multiple changes over the years), then his tat will date him.
    I am glad he didn’t put the version – that would really date him. 🙂

  5. Love the Adobe tat! I have one on my arm also, except mine is red. I teach photoshop classes and seminars and have never heard a bad comment about it. In fact, chicks dig it 😉
    [Let’s see some pictures, yo! 😉 –J.]

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