Unusual sculptures (Pt. II)

  • "Dusasa I" shines with the light of a thousand discarded soda cans.  It was crafted by Ghanan El Anatsui.
  • Suellen Parker builds clay sculptures, then uses Photoshop to project her digital photos onto their surfaces. The NYT hosts a video showing her process, and you can find more pieces on her site. [Via Erma Noxley]
  • Nathan Sawaya is a master Lego sculptor.  CNN tells his story (via print and video) & features a gallery of his pieces. [Via]  (Speaking of Lego art, peep Lego Starry Night. [Via Maria Brenny])
  • The Underwater Sculpture Garden is Jason Taylor’s project to "create a unique space which highlights environmental processes and celebrates local culture."  Some of the forms remind me of the crazy heads I recently encountered in my rural Illinois hometown. [Via]
  • Joe Pogan builds metal sculptures from found objects.  [Via]
  • Martin Klimas captures sculptures as they shatter. [Via]  (This is the kind of thing we’re often tempted to re-create with truck stop schlock purchased en route to Death Valley.)  [In a semi-related vein, see the previous previously Burning Bulbs.]
  • Oliver Herring turns photos into sculptures. [Via
  • Damien Hirst has sculpted a $100mm diamond skull. [Via] "’That’s when you stop laughing,’ Hirst says. ‘You might have created something that people might die because of. I guess I felt like Oppenheimer or something. What have I done? Because it’s going to need high security all its life.’"  If only there were a pomposity assassin, this dude would be the one needing high security.

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