A pair of panos: Obama & Olympics

The NY Times has been making more use of interactive panoramas these days, offering a new take on storytelling & dropping the viewer into context in a way that’s hard to match with still images alone:


  • Gabriel Dance and Raymond McCrea Jones captured the electrified atmosphere preceding Barack Obama’s speech last night in Denver.
  • A pano taken from the 10-meter platform in Beijing’s Water Cube features narration from American diver Thomas Finchum.  (Now you know: the Cube is, technically speaking, "ginormous.")  Photo credits go to Bedel Saget, Mike Schmidt, and Gabriel Dance.

One thought on “A pair of panos: Obama & Olympics

  1. Hello Jack,
    I have been doing some pano with adobe “stuff” in my real estate photography work.
    Hidden somewhere in my pano’s a abobe “Big box” is for all to see. Let the hunt begin
    I am new to the pano stuff, but just love it for profit and hobby.
    I can see you in 5 to 8 years doing a panos of your children in baseball, soccer , and the like.
    Kind regards
    Ken in KY

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