Friday Illustrations: Beer, bathrooms, & The Shining

0 thoughts on “Friday Illustrations: Beer, bathrooms, & The Shining

  1. I thought the “How to draw anything” post was hilarious, especially since the person who publishes the post is named Katz!
    [Nice; hadn’t noticed that. Our neighbors’ cat features a black & white finish that could be called “tuxedo” or “holstein,” so we settled on calling him “Tuxstein” and claiming that his grandmother’s name was Katz (ba dum, tssch). –J.]

  2. Stay frosty, eh? Would that make you Godfather or Captain America?
    [My head says Iceman (as I resemble a less handsome/muscular version of that guy), but my heart–and running mouth–say Person. –J.]

  3. “Garson Hampfield, Crossword Inker” — hilarious! And even a brilliant observation about a lot of idiotic attitudes prevalent in “modern art” — as well as other aspects of the human comedy/tragedy.

  4. Another thanks for the Crossword Inker ‘documentary’ link.
    The sequence where Garson Hampfield compares the work of two other bumfreys is sublime.

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