Monday Illustrations: Current events to optical illusions

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  1. Hey John,
    Rather than couch your political bias in contexts that imply just another item in a collection of interesting illustrations or fonts (earlier), why not just run an ad for Obama on your site and be done with it.
    [I just thought this was a funny use of the graphical language of flowcharts to express a perspective. If I found something similarly funny from a different perspective, I’d blog that.
    As for the type article from early this year, it wasn’t pro-Obama or anti-anyone else. Rather, it was a survey of the graphical conventions used by various groups to suggest different qualities (e.g. McCain using a martial star to recall his military service).
    For the record, I used to really like John McCain, and I admire him in many ways. His decision to hire the same people who mounted the most scurrilous attacks against him & his family in 2000, and all that has followed since then, has left me cold. –J.]

  2. John says:
    “For the record, I used to really like John McCain, and I admire him in many ways.”
    Yeah, and he was the darling of the mainstream media too, as long as he was reaching across the isle. When he actually became a candidate against a Dem, things changed. And I’m guessing the reasons that you may have admired him, were the same reasons why I didn’t, and frankly, still don’t 😉
    As far as the type article goes, if one reads the Obama piece it’s the same type of fluff coming out of the campaign now – change without defining it (socialism), whereas McCain’s represented a car salesman, but of course, one that you’d buy a car from, if you could only get a loan. 🙂
    As Palin might say, ‘Here’s one for ya…’

  3. About Axel Peemoeller signs…
    if you like that, you will love Georges Rouse’s Durhans Project.
    What i like about Peemoeller is that he use the same concept, but in real life…

  4. I feel a little squeamish about giving you a piece of 2 grand for a cs4 upgrade when you are giving me political bs. Leave your special interest politics to your political blog.
    Adobe related web sites are cultish anyway, so no surprise you are shilling for Obama.
    [Relax, dude; it was a humorous illustration, nothing more. And by the way, “The views expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Adobe Systems Incorporated.” –J.]

  5. John, you have to admit that there is absolutely nothing you can point to in terms of visual flair or even flowchart design that makes the Palin thing in the least bit interesting or relevant to the usual content of this blog. It really does just feel like something that is funny to you, and perhaps something you agree with politically. I guess some of us think that this blog has been a place where you’ve traditionally brought us stuff relevant to Adobe and the larger world of information design. It just seems way out of place is all, and potentially alienating.
    [Point taken. –J.]

  6. “Sarah Palin is a stupid, self important, ignorant bitch who I wouldn’t put in charge of wiping her own ass.”
    This from the author of the Palin flow chart. Nice way to promote a whack job.
    [I don’t support his statement, and I didn’t link to it. –J.]

  7. If you thought the Palin chart was of good enough visual value and novelty to link to it, I’m sure you’ll find this image to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and, at least, worthy of its own blog entry:
    Am I right? (don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath)
    [Marvelously witty. Maybe you could incorporate his middle name & *really* scare the hicks. (I won’t have to hold my breath.) –J.]

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