See CS4, LR2 in person at Adobe HQ

If you’ll be in the San Jose area next Tuesday, Oct. 14, you’re welcome to join us for the next meeting of the area Photoshop User Group.  Info, pizza, and drinks are on the house, and event details are below.


Bryan O’Neil Hughes, from Adobe Systems, will show presentations on the new Lightroom 2 and the even newer Photoshop CS4. We’ll have pizza and drinks at 6:30, and the meeting will start at 7:00, in the Park Conference Room of Adobe Systems’ East Tower, 321 Park Avenue, San Jose. To park underneath the Adobe building, use the Almaden Avenue entrance, under the East Tower. If the security guard at the parking entrance asks for an Adobe contact, use Bryan O’Neil Hughes’s name. He’s our contact there (as well as a Photoshop Product Manager). Please RSVP via Evite, and feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you know who might be interested. If you would like to be on our email list, send a note to See you there, Dan Clark and Tom Upton

0 thoughts on “See CS4, LR2 in person at Adobe HQ

  1. Hi John,
    I wish you had such things in India too. It will be huuuuge for the community (especially Flash, Flex) here..especially in Bangalore and Mumbai.

  2. Jack,
    Thanks for your blog and here are a few of my thoughts to kick around while eating pizza next week:
    As a user of LR2.0 it is very apparent that the vast majority of the new features in LR2 over LR1.4 are found within the Develop Module (The Develop Module contains the same engine (software code) that is the working portion of ACR.) As it is a requirement that one upgrade to CS4 to get access to ACR5 then I’m correct in stating that the majority of the new features found in LR2 will be included for free with a purchase of CS4.
    It is my contention that ACR5 has been effectively available in Beta form for the last 2 months, under the name of LR2.0! Although not free as LR2.0 users paid for the “privilege” of being ACR5 Beta testers. It is no secret that the develop module of LR is the very same code that is ACR. My contention that LR2.0 was Beta software is based on the fact that many users, myself included, experienced major problems with LR2.0 (some continue even with the release of LR2.1).
    It is now my strong belief that Adobe rushed the release of LR2 for two main reasons:
    First, so as to maximize profits on Lightroom before the release of CS4. I believe this because had Adobe come out with CS4 and ACR5 first then the “new” features in LR2 (not included within the Develop Module (a.k.a. ACR5) would have not been of enough value to justify a paid upgrade and would have instead been released as LR1.5.
    A second benefit with the early release of LR2 for Adobe was the platform it provided to Beta test ACR5. Adobe will sell many times more copies of CS4 than LR2 and as such it is imperative for CS4 to be as bug free as possible upon release. What better way for Adobe to make sure that the ACR5 portion of CS4 is working well than to use the Lightroom users as guinea pigs who had pay for the privilege to be test subjects.
    I read today on Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Killer tips’ site that Adobe is offering a 30% discount to folks who upgrade to LR2 at the same time as they upgrade to CS4. This amounts to a $30 discount.
    Hey Adobe how’s about making a discount available to those of us who sent you our hard earned dollars months ago and have been forced to serve as your ACR5 beta testers. As I’ve already purchased the code that is within ACR5 once when I shelled out for LR2.0 it only seems right that you not charge me a second time should I elect to upgrade to CS4.
    Jack I know I’m ranting but there are a lot of LR2 customers out here who are feeling a bit used right now.

  3. I hope this isn’t an annoying question, but I’ll be broadbandless for a couple of weeks starting the 16th. Do you know when the new suites will be available to download?
    [Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t. –J.]

  4. Anyone can come? I’d love to visit Adobe HQs.
    [Yep, everyone is welcome. –J.]
    I was also wondering how one becomes an official beta tester of Adobe products. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated.

  5. In lieu of attending your meet, I just demoed CS4 [Beta] to our local pro photography group this evening and CS4 seemed to go down very well. Bridge’s improvements seemed to be a key thing to the positive reaction. Probably as finding, looking for and sorting images is such a big part of our working lives.
    As for the complaints above regarding LR simply being a beta test for ACR5. I’ve been testing ACR5 for quite some time, well before LR2 appeared and I don’t recall having to do any bug reports on it whatsoever, as it seemed to just work.

  6. >> I was also wondering how one becomes an official beta tester of Adobe products. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated.
    You could go and register here.

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