Hipster cam idea o' the day

Bryan O’Neil Hughes and I were looking at the very raw guts of a prototype camera today–a bunch of naked circuit boards, wires, etc. Someone mentioned the mass of the whole contraption, and Bryan said, “Looks like it’s the size of a VHS tape.”

This got me thinking: How about making a hipster camera that’s actually housed inside the shell of a VHS cassette? Turning the big wheels could flip through photos or adjust camera settings. C’mon, you know some goateed weasel would just love taking off-axis shots using a ginormous plastic case. For bonus points, kit it out with a greasy little lens & call the results “artsy.”

[See also: Retro brick cell phone]

[Update: Close enough! [Via Hughes]]

One thought on “Hipster cam idea o' the day

  1. I think you’re getting ahead of yourself, John.
    Surely we need a Beta(max) program first to test this?
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
    [Heh–most definitely. Gotta make sure it doesn’t conflict with one’s Moleskine. –J.]

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