Volkswagen: The Force!

Too terrific not to share:

(says the guy who, 10+ years on, still thinks that turning his key to roll all his Golf’s & Jetta’s windows up/down is kinda magical) [Via]

13 thoughts on “Volkswagen: The Force!

  1. HAHA Awesome! I love Star Wars and I used to have a Jetta and also thought turning the key to roll down the windows was pretty sweet.

  2. This is the new Passat, which is being made in Chattanooga, TN and we here in Chattanooga are very proud!

  3. I could have used that kid a number of years back when my three day old Jetta with all of 400 miles on it had a fuel pump failure in the middle of the exit from a popular concert venue, blocking the exit and causing traffic constipation like I’d never seen.
    (Yes we tried rolling it out of the way but it was on a hill, got away from us, and got wedged against a curb).
    VW’s. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  4. Great commercial, but after my experience with the lack of support from VW I will not be buying a car from them anytime soon.

  5. Magical? I’ll give you magical: front seats that recline without having to crank a hard-to-turn knob for five minutes. That lame-in-a-bucket feature has plagued VWs since at least the Beetles of the 1960s.
    VW does have great marketing, which is good, because otherwise all those VW owners would be tormented by self-doubt because of that silly knob.
    [The dealer told me it’s a safety thing. If that’s so I’m not sure how other vehicles avoid including it. –J.]

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