I'll be on The Big Web Show today

If you’re interested in the intersection of Photoshop & Web/screen design, you might want to tune into The Big Web Show (hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman & Dan Benjamin) today at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific. Improving the Web design & animation process is what drew me to work at Adobe, so it’ll be fun to get back to my roots.

7 thoughts on “I'll be on The Big Web Show today

  1. I listened to this episode. It was pretty good. I have a perspective on why I believe Adobe has received so much backlash over the last year. The movement from Flash to HTML did not come out of thin air or a desire for all that is new and promising in the land of HTML5. I believe there has been growing resentment toward Adobe for some time. Adobe’s audience is primarily working class people, although a good majority are self employed. The price of Adobe products is outrageous, especially when looking at the return on innovation that Adobe has invested back into their Apps. Developers see this suite of Apps as an overpriced, unnecessary, entry-fee to MAKE the web. The advancements of Photoshop over the years has been about as exciting as watching Windows start menu get bigger and skinnier… not a whole lot different. To charge more for software than most complete computers cost, is completely ridiculous. There is this analogy going about along the lines of… if your serious about your craft, you invest in the right tools… that really is not holding all that much water.
    Bottom line, Adobe did this to themselves, through laziness and greed. The public is not a bunch of stupid cows as many large corps like to think. Just look at Ford and Chevy, for a decade they thought they would just keep selling everyone the same crap year after year… nearly put them right out of business. They seem to have woken up finally, and are again a company Americans can stand behind and be proud of. This may seem like a huge stretch, and seem distantly related, but it’s really not.
    People want to advance… they want to reach higher…if you don’t deliver products that make people feel like they are getting to that next step, they will cut-you-out of the equation.
    Innovate with your mad banks of resources… innovate!

  2. I listened to the first 1/2 hour or so and then became a bit frustrated with Zeldman ranting on about his idea for product. I thought I heard you say that you weren’t working on Photoshop anymore and now you’re working on innovative Tablet apps? Did I get that correct?
    If so then it explains what I felt was your reluctance to get dragged into a conversation that you could do nothing about (the type stuff Zeldman was going on about).
    Anyway, although I’m not a big Adobe fan because of the way it treats me as a CS customer (UK prices, frustrating update tools in CS4 etc) I thought you deserved a better interviewer and I wanted to hear more about you and less about Zeldman.
    All the best.

  3. Hi John,
    The talk show was great!
    Just a suggestion for PS: It would be nice if we could have guide lines with different colors. Not like it is today (I know we can change the color of all the guides). I mean, have some guides in one color, and other guides in another color. Or to have layers of guide lines. This way it would be easier when the document start to get crowded with guide lines.
    Thank you.

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