Photoshop turns 21!

The date almost got past me, but with a few hours left on this February 19th, I’d like to wish Adobe Photoshop a happy 21st birthday! This being the US, the app can now legally drink, and I trust it’s getting its bits sloshed at the Caravan. You can see the team hoisting a few glasses via Facebook.
What a long, interesting road it’s been, as you can see in this infographic on The Evolution of Photoshop. Thanks as always to the Knoll brothers, Mark Hamburg, Russell Brown, and all the other unreasonably talented folks who’ve brought us the app over the years–and to all the customers who’ve let me play my small part in the Photoshop journey.

7 thoughts on “Photoshop turns 21!

  1. Congratulations on 21 years. For better and worse, I can no longer even remember a world without PS. (Although I remember the scene in the movie “Executive Action” when the bad guy fakes the Oswald photograph by PHYSICALLY cutting and pasting chunks of various photographs and then re-photographing the composite.)
    P.S. Can you pass along any news about youTube and the Flash update that killed it? Ever since the youTube embedded viewer still works fine, but the youTube main site viewer locks up or does other bad things and doesn’t let you access “settings” to even try turning off hardware acceleration. I like youTube and I wish Adobe took more care in coordinating with them.

  2. It was a slow sunday, so I went to my favorite sauna at the baltic sea today. There is this one hut next to the frozen beach which heats up to 212 degrees. I went in there and had it for myself for 30 seconds, then it was invaded by a group of russians with their wives. Sunglasses, golden watches, the works. They were shouting each other down in russian, being excited about something. All I understood was karashow, over and over. But then one of them, looking like a mobster or KGB-Agent, uttered PHOTOSHOP.
    So yes, happy birthday!

  3. Just check out how much damage – and how little damage control – Adobe did with the release of Acrobat 9.4.2.
    I own a company with 170 Adobe users, am an Enterprise user, and have many of my employees using Adobe Professional. Not only has the Acrobat 9.4.2 update wasted a significant amount of my IT employee’s time but it has nearly disabled many of my employees’ non-pdfs printing capabilities.
    Please, fix this damn thing.
    A little but frustrated? Yes.

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