7 thoughts on “(rt) Photography: Ali's greatness, retro re-creations, & more

  1. Yeah, plenoptic camera lenses might SEEM like cool technology but it’s really just nonexistent until it appears on an iPhone, then it will be OMG! PLENOPTIC LENSES ARE THE COOLEST CUTTING EDGE TECHNOGY EVER OMG! IT’S APPLE MAGIC OMG!

  2. I was in Las Vegas 10 days ago.
    In the Venetian there is a rare book seller that has one of the signed Alli fight images.
    I always like seeing the print instead of online.

  3. New addition to Lightroom suggestions. I would love to see a white balance adjustment brush option. For example say you shot a mixed light living room and want to correct the florescent lit area while the rest is clean light. Being able to click using the white balance tool to pick your color but then use that for the adjustment brush areas. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

  4. Plenoptic Camera or a light-field camera is amazing. What I like most is that it uses its micro lense so it could capture the 4D Light field of such photo or image.

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