Feature request: Instagram->Facebook

I often say that if I could code, I’d never leave the basement*: I know what I want, but I have to rely on others to make it real.

At the moment I’m wishing for a way to suck up some or all of my Instagram-hosted images, then repost them on Facebook.  I already share each individual image via Twitter (and thus Facebook), but these don’t end up residing on FB, where family members would be much more likely to see them.  This can’t be a hard thing to implement, but I’ve yet to see it done.

Update: Thanks to Noah Mittman for pointing out Instaport, a free site that lets you download some/all of your images as a ZIP archive. It’s a great start, though just to get greedy, let me also request a way to retain image captions. For me those are often as critical as the images themselves.

* Thus it’s probably like my not being more muscular (which would lead to my getting into lots of fights): probably a blessing in disguise.

5 thoughts on “Feature request: Instagram->Facebook

  1. Funny you should mention the porting idea, John! A buddy of mine was just talking about how she wished that Photoshop mobile could upload/transfer to picasa–she’s on Google+ now, and loving it more than Facebook.
    Any idea whether Picasa might make the list of publish points?
    On a related note, somebody’s really got to come up with an for edit once, publish many open web protocol…

  2. In addition to posting to Twitter, doesn’t Instagram have a post to Facebook option? I know that doesn’t help with the old ones, but going forward…
    [Yes, but here’s the problem: When I post on Instagram, I also choose to share via Twitter. Because I have all tweets replicated on FB, having Instagram also post on FB would create duplicates. Additionally, I want the images themselves (and not just links) hosted on FB itself, so that friends & family (okay, mainly family) would be able to browse amongst them there. –J.]

    1. Ah. Forgot about the double posting thing.
      OK, so it’s not perfect, but another workaround would be to link your Flickr to your Facebook. Then when you use Instagram and send to Flickr, it will automatically post on your wall. The person browsing your wall still has to click over to Flickr, but at least they get a thumbnail and caption in FB, and the Flickr presentation of the photo is pretty good… I just tried it.

  3. I am completely with you on this. It would be great if Instagram would do alot more things to their API.
    1. Native facebook photo uploading. not image sharing.
    2. public search api without oauth
    those 2 alone would make a world of difference for us to use it as a service like twitter. I really hope they see this and make it happen.

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