YouTube stabilization: Nice!

I read a few months ago that YouTube was planning to offer video stabilization for one’s uploaded clips. It’s not easy to find, but if you go to, you can drag a clip into the project timeline, then press the little magic wand icon to show the editing UI. The process is a bit convoluted: Why you can’t just set a flag to stabilize video on upload, or see this UI during the upload/tagging process, I don’t know. Perhaps that’s coming, and meanwhile it’s a little lame to pick nits with a free, fast service.
I’ve tried only one test movie so far, but I’m quite pleased with the results. Here are before & after clips. (Note that stabilizing a clip will result in a second copy on YouTube, requiring you to copy over captions, tags, etc.)


4 thoughts on “YouTube stabilization: Nice!

  1. If I read the body language right: screw the image stabilization, music, and wheezing — lets just to the sugar!
    [Oh, precisely! We’d just awoken Henry from a deep slumber, and you can see the sugar take him from zero to hero in the corresponding gallery. –J.]

  2. But did you try Warp Stabilizer on it? I’m hoping we did better!
    [Not yet! Maybe I can try that next. (There was only so much geekery I could get into while on nominal vacation. It can be hard to use pro tools when kids are doing their Lilliputian routine on one’s legs. ;-)) –J.]

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