Saturday: iPad Photo Workflow & Portfolio Design

If you’ll happen to be in New York on Saturday, check out this session at PhotoPlus (8:45-11:45 AM) from our friends Dan Marcolina & Matthew Richmond.

Dan plans to deconstruct some of his favorite interactive photo experiences including “World Without Photoshop” and the “iObsessed Companion“. He’ll show you how to create a portfolio for the App store by using Adobe Indesign and the new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. (Here’s their iPad portfolio, Printeractivideo.) He’ll also explain the cross devices benefits of authoring with the unique, in the cloud, toolset called SlideRocket. As a bonus he’ll share some insights from producing the Book iPhone Obsessed, photo editing experiments with apps that includes the use QR Codes for triggering mobile formatted portfolios of work.

Matthew plans to show:

  • PhotoSmith and Lightroom workflow
  • A handful of mobile/tablet-friendly Web gallery solutions
    • Some mainstream options
    • Some just good frameworks/snippets for those crafting HTML (example)
  • Some non-Adobe photo portfolio apps & solutions for iPad
  • Eye-Fi card to iPad/iPhone workflow
  • How to build full-bleed Photo ePub files for iPad/iBooks
    • Essentially it’s CSS & HTML, hacking away at a example file. Not for the faint of heart but really cool.

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