Amazing tech for turning video into 3D

I will never get over how lucky I am to work with people like this:

In this video, Sylvain Paris will show you a sneak peak of a potential feature for editing videos, including the ability to create 3D fly-throughs of 2D videos and change focus and depth of field.

8 thoughts on “Amazing tech for turning video into 3D

  1. All we need now is a technology for editing out Rainn Wilson’s annoying interruptions–or better yet, have Security keep him offstage.

  2. Cool but maybe I am missing something.
    I am sure I could make something similar using Photoshop Extended to create a Vanishing Point exchange file and importing that into After Effects.
    I did something similar a while ago using an image of the long hallway of a hotel. I then had the camera “move down” the hallway turning side to side. It came out well enough.
    The BIGGEST problem I have with importing a VPE file is that it is a gamble if it will work right or not. Sometimes you have to go back and re-make the planes in a different order to get it to work.

  3. In about 15 minutes I made the following video using PS to export a VPE (vanishing point) file to AE. The image is a rather low resolution image I grabbed off of Google.
    It isn’t quite the same thing but it is about 60% of what the video posted demonstrated.
    Unless of course I am really missing something here much of what was demonstrated could be done with existing technology.

  4. Most of these effects are possible with existing software, but require a significant expertise. This has great potential!
    Rainn Wilson is shockingly unfunny here despite his brilliance on The Office. How about Aubrey Plaza next time?

  5. John, we’re already tired of your iPhone, pad, tablet, whatever blog.
    Get a job at Apple or Samsung or try to make your teams at adobe clear that we need unified software workflows.
    First of all: Illustrator!!!!! Get that damn ship into water, goddammit!

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