Photo-realistic painting in Adobe Ideas

Want to annoy a photographer? Just say, “Great image! What camera did you use?” (“Telling a photographer that his camera takes great pictures is like telling a chef that his oven makes great meals,” notes Terry White.) We do well to focus more on artists than their media.
Kyle Lambert shows how far one can take even very simple tools. Kyle is a fine artist based in the UK and was formally trained as an oil painter. He currently freelances and specializes in painting, illustration and animation. He’s becoming well known for his striking character portraits and was the first artist to create photo-realistic work using Adobe Ideas. Check it out:

4 thoughts on “Photo-realistic painting in Adobe Ideas

    1. I suppose this is always going to happen when you allow any nimrod on the planet to comment. I don’t agree with Adobe’s policy on UG’s myself but leaving puerile and ineffective comments becomes irritating white noise. Hey 54, why not grow a pair and make a useful comment and not just snipe from the fringe on an unrelated posting.
      John Eakin

  1. I don’t care for photorealistic paintings but it’s nice to know you have the option with a FREAKING VECTOR PROGRAM. SO NICE.

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