CS6 Demo: Russell Brown deep-dives on Adaptive Wide Angle

The master demos some amazing lens-correction tech:

I had fun using the feature the other day, warping a little panorama I’d first stitched in Photoshop.

4 thoughts on “CS6 Demo: Russell Brown deep-dives on Adaptive Wide Angle

  1. John, do you know if as Lightroom users we also need to NOT apply a lens profile if we plan to use the adaptive wide angle filter?
    [I pinged Simon Chen from the team, and he replies, “If the user is looking for AWA type of correction, the best solution is to apply all auto/manual non-geometric distortion corrections (chromatic, vignette, defringe) in LR/ACR, which means setting the amount slider for the profile based geometric distortion correction to zero. And finish the rest of the AWA correction in PS.” –J.]

    1. @Mau
      In fact the raw engine of the AdobeCameraRaw dialog is the same as in Lightroom.
      So – as Russell said – leave the lens corrections in ACR/Lr set at “none”.

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