40% Creative Cloud discount ends in one month

If you own a CS3 or later Adobe app, you can subscribe to Creative Cloud & get all the CS6 apps, 20GB of storage, and more at a huge discount ($29.99/month instead of $49/month in the US)–but note that the offer ends August 31st.  Shake a leg!

2 thoughts on “40% Creative Cloud discount ends in one month

  1. Creative Cloud is a total no brainer thanks for all your hard work on it! BTW I think i can post comments agin i got spammed by someone and kismet was blackcholing my comments.

  2. This is brilliant. If you live in the USA.
    We of the rest of the world have to pay inflated prices.
    And in South Africa CC is not available – only the Team Ready version which, after 2 years, is more expensive than buying box products (also take note that CCTR is aimed at Advertising Agencies and large organisations – most of these, in my experience anyway, use Design Standard – difficult to justify the additional expense of the full MC to an agency that has 50 DS designers and only a handful of video or web people).
    Such a pity. This needs to be made available more in line with Apple’s distribution – everyone pays the US Dollar equivalent no matter where they are. And all products available to the USA are available worldwide.
    I’m still hoping !!!

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