Demo: New features in Illustrator & InDesign CC

Terry White shows off his favorite enhancements in these forthcoming releases. I’m really looking forward to the typographical enhancements in Illustrator, and using an image as a brush is promising.


6 thoughts on “Demo: New features in Illustrator & InDesign CC

  1. I am really looking forward to the new InDesign because it is retina compatible. The QR code feature would have saved me a lot of time on a recent project.

  2. Most of the videos on this site I cannot see, won’t load. It may be something to do with China blocking this or that, like twitter, youtube or something. Don’t know.
    However, I could see Julieanne’s video. Perhaps future videos could be posted in the same format that she used?

  3. Looks nice.
    Besides, is there any particular reason not to add the Inner Shadow to Illustrator?

  4. Valerie
    This has not made it to the top of our to do list yet.
    Anubhav Rohatgi
    Sr product manager, Adobe Illustrator

    1. Great to hear that it is in your to do list! 🙂
      Any chance we can see it soon?
      I have to use the SVG filter on top of the Rasterize or some complex stuff with knockout transparency of the strokes and none of them works in every situation.
      Looks like pretty simple to implement feature. InDesign an Photoshop have it for a really long time.
      By the way, there’s something wrong with rounded corners with outside or inside stroke. If I add the Offset Path effect manually it works well.
      And also OS X native rasterizer has far superior antialiasing algorithm. Have to open PDF with small stuff in Preview and then export it to PNG from there. Not to mention the font rendering…
      Anyway there’s so much stuff that can be improved or added (for example AutoCAD’s type of smart guides and snapping, curve editing tools etc.), but still it would be nice to have at least inner shadow.

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