Sneak Peek: Perspective Warp in Photoshop

If I may echo Rainn Wilson, “Oh my God, that’s ridiculous.”

Note: This is a technology demo, not a feature that’s quite ready to go in Photoshop CC. With the move to subscriptions, however, Photoshop and other teams are moving away from “big bang” releases & towards more continuous deployment of improvements.
[Update: I know that a number of people aren’t digging Wilson’s schtick. Hats off to Sarah for being such a pro under pressure.]

33 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Perspective Warp in Photoshop

  1. That’s a pretty incredible bit of technology. I can’t wait!
    The sexism there, though, is pretty obvious. Disappointed that Adobe didn’t catch before deciding to post this.

    1. Hey guys
      Suggest you get a life and not be so judgmental. Not all us folks buy in to your retoric. Gee guys this is America…..easy does it.
      I wonder what kind of phobia I can come up with to brand you guys……just kidding
      Ken in KY

  2. is this a new UI to the same tech that powers Adaptive wide angle? I *think* all those warps could be done with CS6 with some creative use of AWA. Or perhaps it’s the same tech as AWA but with the lens profiling stuff removed…?

    1. It does look like more of Aseem Agarwala’s magic. The first demo could be done in adaptive wide angle, but I don’t think the 2nd and 3rd ones that involved changing the position of lines would work. That filter allows for straightening lines and altering there angles. Please correct me if I’m wrong about this.

  3. John, do you know what would happen if only one quad was defined and then edited? Would it perform the equivalent of a free transform on the layer bounding box?
    I’ve long wished to be able to set the 4 free transform handles to points of interest within the layer (e.g. for aligning multi-viewpoint composites).

  4. John, You may as well stop this blog now. No one cares about future Adobe promises. Adobe are proven liars and are not to be trusted. CS6 is the end of the line for me and thousands of others. No amount of, “just look what we may have for you soon is”, is going to convince us to start paying you rent.

    1. Over the past few days I’ve heard similar comments from many people. They keep saying how they’re going to leave because the model doesn’t fit them. I get it, and understand that the subscription model is not a win for many people. It’s based on the presumption that you use the tools to make money, and when you stop making money you no longer need them.
      Welcome to professional software tools. They are no longer the analog of a hammer on a workbench that you buy once. They are now technology access. What you pay for is ongoing development rather than cyclic bundles of features. This is not good for hobby or amateur users, unfortunately.
      This will cause a lot of people to leave the professional tools behind and seek other options. Here’s my advice:
      Just do it, already. And stop using CS6 because that’s just a passive allegiance a company you seem to hate.
      Callous? Yep. I’m not thrilled with it, either, but for different reasons than you. I’ve invested a lot in Adobe’s tools and will continue to develop my professional base, making my opinions known without threatening the company that’s helped me build a career.
      A career I couldn’t have started without their tools. If they close up shop or make doing business with them untenable, it’s on me to adapt.
      Move on. Write your own damn software. To paraphrase your own words: “You may as well stop this bitching now. Nobody cares about your personal future”.

  5. Alex: It’s related but different. In AWA you can’t specify the position of quad corners. You just say that certain lines and quads should be straight (and possibly horizontal or vertical), and they float to whatever position the algorithm chooses (based on trying to make a natural wide-angle image). Here, you move quad corners to positions of your choosing.
    Rich: You’re right; for a single quad, it applies the perspective transform of the single quad to the entire image.

  6. What’s genuinely remarkable is that after Rainn Wilson was a total asshat at the last Adobe presentation, Adobe signed him up for a return visit. And teamed him up onstage with possibly the most annoying TV actress in the business. If only there was cutting-edge technology to erase the memory of these two from my brain.
    [I must say, I don’t get it either. –J.]

    1. Same here. I had to check the date on the youtube page to see if this was a video I missed last year because I couldn’t believe they brought this guy back for a 2nd annoying performance.

  7. I have to agree with the comments about Rainn. Would you please communicate to Sarah my utmost respect for a thoroughly professional job performed under terrible circumstances.
    I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteer hours working to encourage kids, and especially young girls, to become interested in STEM and aviation. It is discouraging to see a pair of jerks turn a demonstration of great technology into a showcase for their petty fantasies. Small wonder women are turning away from these professions.
    One of my specialties is gender communications in the workplace. I have recommended to clients that they terminate employees who have engaged in conduct far less offensive than these guests of Adobe.
    Great company. Great products. A bit of a blunder here. Hope the brass takes appropriate action going forward.
    Again. Kudos to Sarah.

  8. John,
    These urban Voodoo gear heads give new meaning to some rule, someone invented to know what is sexist.
    Give the guy some slack. Unless you are practicing your Voodoo mind reading, and know everyone’s motives, please step down from your self righteous throne. You guys do make good cultist linguist, or is it pharisee’s?
    Most accepting,
    Ken in KY

      1. Agreed people are way too uptight these days. He was def being about a 9 or 10 on the whole awkwardness scale but i think anyone with more then 2 brains cells to rub together could tell it was tongue in cheek and he was just trying to encourage her just went a bit overboard.

  9. I have focused much of my sales in that area and coupled with panoramas, and this is beautiful and very time saving. But I must admit I am doing all this now with PS6 and a combination of 3 and 4 tools within plus a lot of time. It is great but not that new. The kids are fantastic in their presentation. They will be a asset to Adobe.

  10. I am indeed not digging Rainn Wilson’s schtick, but I am loving the Perspective Warp tech demo. It’s not something I’d use often or want to use often, but it’d be a nice ace up the sleeve when you need to move heaven and earth. Literally.

  11. Next year, replace this unfunny Rainn Wilson guy with Terry White. Terry White is the man.
    The tech is great and was awesome to see though, despite those stupid interjections. Wilson really knows how to wear a joke out fast.

  12. Really great technology presentation, ruined by the patronising idiot making an obviously nervous presenter fell really uncomfortable. Very unprofessional.

  13. Looks like Adobe’s PR department will be operating full-time in the coming days with all the corporate screw-ups. It would be interesting to be in the headquarters building today.

  14. As said already and reiterated here, the technology demonstration was superb but Wilson was not. If I made comments like that anywhere in any of the professional setting I have had the privilege to work in, I would be dismissed within the hour.
    Adobe has made a very bad impression. Corporate leadership ought to require Wilson’s spoken apology and admission of bad behaviour before gathered staff of Adobe.
    This conduct is simply not acceptable.

  15. can´t wait until a warez group releases that.
    i sure will not buy into subscription.
    adobe will not see another cent from my hard earned money.

  16. I actually had to laugh out loud when hearing the crowd break into applause and excited yelling as if any of this were new. Those of us who have been building models with Google (now Trimble) SketchUp and applying photo textures to them have been using perspective warp for years already!
    Big Whoop. Welcome (finally) to the party, Adobe. Where have you been?!

    1. Hi Dave, you certainly can do many aspects of these demos by building 3D models in Sketchup and texturing the faces with regions of the photograph. But building 3D models, which involves specifying 3D coordinates for every vertex, is a fairly high-skill activity with a learning curve. The method shown here is entirely 2D, and as the video shows, with just 6 clicks we had something whose perspective could be adjusted. I’m sure you agree building 3D models for these objects would take more work than that.
      A second issue is that it’s not clear how to handle the rest of the image outside of the modeled object (e.g., the building or bus) in Sketchup; typically the goal of Sketchup is a 3D model, not an edited photograph. The method shown here smoothly propagates the changes to the whole image.
      So, overall we think this 2D approach is easier and more intuitive for the typical Photoshop user.

      1. Hi, Aseem! There’s no question that the process of building and texturing 3D models in SketchUp or any other 3D CADD program is difficult. It is to a degree. My comment was more oriented toward the reaction of the audience in that video and the presentation itself. It came across to me as if this concept was being introduced as something new or novel, and while it may have been for the audience it isn’t for anyone familiar with SketchUp.
        But to go a step further, even though it follows exactly the ideas in SketchUp, isn’t this idea really just an evolution of what is already available in CS6, the Adaptive Wide Angle filter? Again, I’d suspect most of that audience hasn’t spent much time with that filter either.

        1. The algorithm that allows this task to be completed with so little user effort is new; the overall concept of adjusting perspective is not new.
          As far as AWA, the methods are related but different. Search up for my post on that matter in this comment thread from May 8 (search on Aseem).

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