If a robber were coming to your house…

…and you had no choice but to part with one technology item, which would you miss the least?

  • Smartphone
  • Computer
  • TV
  • DVR
  • Tablet

I’m guessing that for most people, the tablet gets shoved into the bad dude’s mitts first. They’re nice-to-have tweener devices, but if pressed you could do almost everything elsewhere. That’s likely why tablet sales growth has cooled off: most people don’t really need a tablet, and if you use one for basic consumption tasks (watching videos, browsing the Web), there are few reasons to upgrade.

Anyhow, let’s see what Apple has up its sleeve for Thursday, and what other vendors might have cooking.

2 thoughts on “If a robber were coming to your house…

  1. Dvr. It’s simple, because i don’t even own one. Next up: TV. Then tablet then smartphone, then PC.
    If my PC went missing, i’d be upset. Everything else is easily replaced and not all that expensive.

  2. Interesting assumption, given that I’m feeling pressure to actually buy a tablet for input, not consumption. Having an intermediate screen for photography-related tasks would be extremely helpful, but I have zero interest in using one for leisure activities.

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