Mix, an ideas/template exchange for Paper

Give these guys credit: they can take the most banal, beat-out concept (an ink pen, a template exchange) and fetishistically polish it the point that it feels fresh. Check out Mix, a way to browse templates & post your own remixes of them:

You can post something (e.g. this bunny), then see how others riff on it. The Verge has a good write-up:

“One of the biggest criticism of Paper is that you’re just giving me a blank sheet,” admits Petschnigg. “The first step of learning is imitation, that’s how we all begin.” Like on Github or Dribbble, FiftyThree expects that some of the platform’s best work will be riffs on the work of another.

Similar thinking informed the project that became Adobe Premiere Clip: Tablet & phone users could sketch out storyboards in a shared project, starting from scratch or with a project made by others. Those sketches would then evolve into the real project (e.g. I’ll go shoot cards 1-3, you take 4-6, and the clips will fall into place). Imagine being able to peel back the surface of your favorite well made short film (e.g. a really sharp Kickstarter pitch), see the structure, notes, and effects that brought it to life, and leverage those for your own work. You can see some of this in Clip by starting a new project from a template. I have no idea what the team may now be planning, but I remain intrigued by the possibilities.


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