“mmhmm” offers a virtual production studio for video calls

Years ago Adobe bought a company (Serious Magic) that streamlined creation of professional-looking videos that featured over-the-shoulder graphics and virtual backgrounds. One product even shipped a swath of green fabric to use in keying out one’s background.

Now Phil Libin (formerly CEO of Evernote) and co. have created mmhmm, a tool that works with Google Meet, Zoom, and other products to enable the same kinds of newscaster-style presentations. I can’t wait to distract from (er, clarify!) my charts & graphs by becoming a flying Jedi Force ghost!

One thought on ““mmhmm” offers a virtual production studio for video calls

  1. This is really an interesting video as our economy switches to home body. Most conversations on Zoom are not much fun . This allows for people looking forward to presentations and lots of innovation to take place. I will be quite interested in the final product. Thanks for posting.

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