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AR walking nav comes to iPhone & more Android devices in Google Maps

I’ve been collaborating with these folks for a few months & am incredibly excited about this feature:

With a beta feature called Live View, you can use augmented reality (AR) to better see which way to walk. Arrows and directions are placed in the real world to guide your way. We’ve tested Live View with the Local Guides and Pixel community over the past few months, and are now expanding the beta to Android and iOS devices that support ARCore and ARKit starting this week.

Like the Dos Equis guy, “I don’t always use augmented reality—but when I do, I navigate in Google Maps.” We’ll look back at these first little steps (no pun intended) as foundational to a pretty amazing new world.


Gone fishing… and feeling grateful

Hey gang—I know I greatly flatter myself in thinking that my voice here will be much missed if I go quiet for a bit, especially without notice, but for what it’s worth I’m enjoying some very welcome digital downtime with family in friends in Minnesota.

Being minutes away from wrapping up the celebration of my 44th (!) solar orbit, I wanted to say thanks for being one of those still crazy enough to traipse over here periodically & browse my random finds. Fourteen (!!) years after I started this racket, it still remains largely fun & rewarding. I hope you agree, and I’m grateful for your readership.

Now please excuse me for just a few more days while I get back to swamping my hard drive with a crushing backlog of drone, GoPro, Insta360, iPhone, and Osmo shots. 🙃


Oh, and for some dumb reason Google Maps insists on starting this pano (showing where we’re staying) pointed straight down into the pitch-black lake. You can drag it upwards and/or zoom out while I go file a bug/feature requests. The work is never done—another possible source of gratitude.