Photoshop shortcut o' the day

Heh–you know you’re working on a mature application when you start running out of keyboard shortcut combos.  Earlier today we were discussing shortcuts that would work for something that’s in development.  We settled on a four-key combo (one of those Shift-Opt-Cmd-Letter deals), which let to this exchange:

  • Bryan O’Neil Hughes: "Ugh, it beats no shortcut at all…but it isn’t too far removed from just
    banging one’s head against the keyboard."
  • Joe Ault: "BangHeadAgainstKeyboard is already taken, but I think
    Ctrl-Shift-BangHeadAgainstKeyboard is available…"

We will henceforth work on a forehead-USB interface. 😉

0 thoughts on “Photoshop shortcut o' the day

  1. Maybe you could work on a finger reader? That way holding down Cmd-Shift-Opt starting with the index finger would be different from Cmd-Shift-Opt starting with the middle finger….

  2. Hey John, have you ever read my blog entry on how to open up a whole bunch of new keyboard commands (without getting rid of existing ones)?
    Solving the keyboard shortcut issue
    [Hanford, I have indeed read it. You may be surprised to know that my first product, LiveMotion, actually supported the press-and-hold toggle for any tool. It was an elegant solution, and I’ve tried to get it Photoshop and our other apps, but we’ve always had other fish to fry. We’ll get there yet, I think. –J.]

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