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Lightroom 6 rumored to include GPU acceleration, panos/HDR, and more

You know what’s wrong with the sound of all this? Nothing. Can’t wait to see what my old cronies have been cooking up.

Per PetaPixel, the forthcoming update promises to stitch panoramas while keeping the resulting images raw; merge images to HDR; and offer:

[A]dvanced black-and-white conversions, presets, facial recognition for quickly finding and sorting photos by people, a powerful healing brush, a photo straightening tool that can work even without a horizon line, video slideshows, web galleries, online sharing, and photo book creation.

Check out the new YouTube Kids app

“Dad-O, do you want me to dogfood any new apps?” asks six-year-old Finn. Why yes, son, but happily, this one is now out of dogfood & ready to download for Android & iOS.

From the team blog:

Today, we’re introducing the YouTube Kids app, the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind. The app makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore […]

  • Timer: Let the app be the bad guy with a built-in timer that lets you limit kids’ screen time. The app alerts your child when the session is over, so you don’t have to. (You’re welcome. 😉 )
  • Sound settings: Sometimes you need a little peace and quiet! You have an option to turn off background music and sound effects, so your kids can keep watching while you catch a breather.
  • Search settings: If you’d rather limit your children to just the pre-selected videos available on the home screen, you can turn off search.
  • Product feedback: Our goal is to improve YouTube Kids all the time, so we’ve included a space for you to give us your feedback.


Photoshop 25th: Interviews, icons, source code, and more

  • has put together 25 PS: Insight & Inspiration. Among many other new & old voices, I got to sit down with filmmaker. Scott Erickson. Some of my thoughts are featured in the retrospective section, a bit in desktop publishing piece, and primarily in the evolution movie.
  • Photoshop creator Thomas Knoll participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything last week, talking about how he & his brother John teamed up to create the app. (Like Adobe founder John Warnock & his graphic designer wife Marva, they remain a great right-left brain combo.)
  • Did you know that you can download the source code for Photoshop 1.0 from the Computer History Museum?
  • Below you’ll see PS app icons over the years. I loved the 3.0 icon when it arrived & was sad to see the color go away when 4.0 rolled in. The move to the feather generated enormous controversy internally—but nothing like the outrage over the move to the “periodic table” design with CS3.PS icons
  • Lastly, here’s the Photoshop 1.0 coloring book, featuring the Knoll brothers, PM Steve Guttman, and evangelist Russell Brown.PS coloring

[Via Russell Brown, Marcelo Monzón, and Rui Lopes]

Animation: 25 Years of Photoshop

This is rather beautiful, then:

The “lines on my face” bit is a little on the nose—but literally! so maybe that forgives it. 🙂

I’m reminded of the first Adobe video I ever saw, back in 1993 when I’d just started college & attended the Notre Dame Mac Macs user group. I saw it just that once, 20+ years ago, but the memory is vivid: an unfolding hand with an eye in the palm encircled by the words “Imagine what you can create. Create what you can imagine.” I was instantly hooked.

Who knows who this video might inspire. Here’s to the next 25 years of imaging magic.


NYT: “Photoshop at 25: A Thriving Chameleon Adapts to an Instagram World”

Farhad Manjoo writes about how PS “has not just survived but thrived through every major technological transition in its lifetime: the rise of the web, the decline of print publishing, the rise and fall of home printing and the supernova of digital photography.”

The current talk of atomizing & democratizing Photoshop technology reminds me of “Photoshop & Punk Rock,” a Computer Arts guest piece I wrote 6 years ago. As they put it, “Adobe’s John Nack would like to blast Photoshop into a million pieces. He tells us why.”

Let’s measure the development team in the thousands, not in the dozens. Instead of relying on just the comparatively small crew at Adobe, let’s tap into the ‘Photoshop Nation’. And, rather than delivering improvements only every 18 to 24 months, let’s allow everyone to deliver them continuously, on the fly and on demand.

If the arc of my career bends towards one thing, it’s towards removing barriers between people & creative expression, on as large a scale as possible. It’s what I continue to do today.

Power to the people,