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Friday Typography: Killer belt buckles & more

Photoshop ethics & pistols & kittens

…these are a few of my favorite things.

Epson posts Leopard compatibility info

Just a brief note, but one of interest to folks printing from Photoshop on the Mac: Epson has posted an FAQ and schedule for compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard.  As always, it’s a great idea to make sure you’re using the latest driver for your hardware/OS combo.

Thanks to Bryan O’Neil Hughes pointing this out.  For reference, see also the details on printing fixes & changes in Photoshop 10.0.1.  Bryan and the team continue to track the issues & user experiences reported here and on other forums, so thanks for the feedback.  We plan to share more details on what we’ve learned here later in the week.  In the meantime, feel free to drop Bryan a line to report issues if you’d like.

[On a related note, if you use HP printers with the Mac, see MacNN’s article HP verifies Leopard printer driver delivery via OS.]

Photoshop typography, Fireworks symbols, & much more on Design Center

The Adobe Design Center says, ‘Scuse me while I whip this content out…:

* New Gallery:

* New Dialog Box:

* New Lightroom Video Workshop from George Jardine:

* New Tutorials:

Adobe training gauchas Luanne Seymour and Jen deHaan are riding herd, so check out their sites for fresh material.  And as always, check out some of the 1000+ Adobe links on  Info on how to contribute links is here.  [Via]

That Synching Feeling: New Lightroom, Photoshop podcasts

  • George Jardine has posted Lightroom Podcast #46, a 12-minute video tutorial covering Lightroom’s synch command.  He writes, "In this tutorial I outline the basics of Lightroom’s Synchronize command. You’ll learn how to apply Develop settings across multiple photos, in both the Library and the Develop modules. I also cover some of the new selection logic in Lightroom that is required to make working with large numbers of files, well…. logical!"
  • Me & Amadou Down By the Schoolyard: At PhotoPlus last month, I spoke with photographer & author Amadou Diallo about Photoshop, life, the universe, and everything (but mostly about Photoshop).  Here’s our chat.  (I’m always pleased when I get to hang out on YouTube, rubbing shoulders with Rusty the narcoleptic dachshund & co. ;-))
  • Over at Inside Digital Photo, Scott Sheppard talks with Lightroom PM Tom Hogarty and Photoshop Elements PM Mark Dahm about the new versions 1.3 and 6.0, respectively, of their products.  Check it out here .

Delicious leftovers: 3D, Photoshop, & much more

As many of us Americans remain lolling around in a turkey-stuffed haze, I’ll do my part to distract from the inlaws by trotting out a smorgasbord of stuff I’ve been amassing over the last few months–stuff that’s just never quite made it to the table on its own.

To pretend this all has something to do with my job, let’s start with the Photoshop bits:

Now, if that doesn’t leave you feeling logy, head back to the Remains of the Bird. 😉

Roses are #ff0000…

Inspired by shades of Fall:

Firefox 3 to enable better color online

Here’s a little reason to give thanks this year: the forthcoming Firefox 3.0 (now in beta) will enable color-managed browsing.  That is, the browser will read color profile information saved in images, take your monitor’s particular characteristics into account, and adjust the pixels on the fly to give them the proper appearance.

The look of images differs between managed and unmanaged applications (screenshot of the same image in Safari vs. Firefox 2), so FF getting on board with color management is great news for designers & photographers who value consistency.  For more background on why this is an important advance for the Web, see my notes on the color-managed Safari coming to Windows.

Now, if we can get Internet Explorer & the Flash Player on board, it’ll be Snoopy Happy Dance time for everyone. 😉

Happy Turkey Day,
El Tryptophan

African skinheads, found photos, and other slices of life

  • MangoFalls is a rather fascinating collection of photos from film found in thrift store cameras (kind of a photo-specific version of Found Magazine).  [Via]
  • Clayton James Cubitt’s Lagos Calling is “an anthropological study of African skinhead fashion from the early seventies.” [Via]
  • The Morning News features Aaron Hobson’s Cinemascapes plus a short interview with the photographer. [Via Thorsten Wulff]
  • Magnum Magnum celebrates the 60th anniversary of the famed photo agency.  I love the first two shots in this gallery.  [Via Marc Pawliger]
  • People & their breakfasts surveys–well, just that. [Via]  I think this kind of navel-(orange) gazing may be part of Why They Hate Us.

Plastic Man drives the lane, + other moments in time

  • SI photographer John Zimmerman captured a crazy image of Dr. J shot using a slit camera to follow the movement of his hand.  Hard to believe it’s from 1972!
  • Liquid sculpture: Photographer Martin Waugh (see previous) talks about how he combined high-speed photography with a bit of Photoshop to create the new Smirnoff ad campaign.
  • William Hundley makes some eye-popping jumping sheet photographs.  See more of his work on Flickr. [Via]
  • Sports Shooter hosts a cool gallery of indoor rodeo shots from Darryl Dyck. [Via]
  • Telling a very different story occasioned by cowboy imagery, LA Times photog Luis Sinco talks about how his shot of the "Marlboro Marine" James Blake Miller in Iraq changed both of their lives. [Via]  The story is behind an irritating, albeit free, registration barrier.