Monthly Archives: October 2019

Check out Google’s new AI-powered on-device transcription

This looks so rad. Back in the day, I really wanted a solution that would record the “bizarre, freewheeling bedtime stories” my sons & I made up every night, then let us put them into an illustrated journal. The new Recorder app solves the most critical piece of that puzzle.

The new Recorder app on Pixel 4 brings the power of search and AI to audio recording. You can record meetings, lectures, jam sessions — anything you want to save and listen to later. Recorder automatically transcribes speech and tags sounds like music, applause, and more, so you can search your recordings to quickly find the part you’re looking for. All Recorder functionality happens on-device, so your audio never leaves your phone. We’re starting with English for transcription and search, with more languages coming soon.


“Extreme Augmented Reality”: Nvidia connects cloud & handset

Instead of squeezing models down to a couple of megs & constraining rendering to what a phone alone can do, what if you could use a full-power game engine to render gigabyte-sized models in realtime in the cloud, streaming the results onto your device to combine with the world? That’s the promise of Nvidia CloudXR (which looks similar to Microsoft Azure Remote Rendering), announced this week:


Action Movie Dad vs. Boston Dynamics: Post-apocalyptic fun 💀

Scrappy VFX gangsta Daniel Hashimoto riffed on the latest Boston Dynamics robot launch vid to fun effect:

Amazingly, he gave himself just six hours to do the job, mixing in the new After Effects Content-Aware Fill & a volumetric capture of my teammate Manuel: