Monthly Archives: September 2014

Deliriously silly animated messaging from JibJab

I’ve been a fan of the Spiridellis brothers for 15 years—ever since the mutha fo’ fathas kicked some Common Sense. Now they’ve rolled out JibJab Messages (App Store), “A Grab Bag of Fun for texting, tweeting, and posting!” The app offers a laughably easy way to take pictures of yourself & others, then insert them into little animations. Let’s see just how many people want to punch up their texting sessions this way.

And now, would you like to see me as a dancing hot dog? No you would not—but hell no is that going to stop me.

Photoshop comes to Google Chrome & Chrome OS

Ebony & i-vor-y: I love it when my peeps work together. Chrome PM Stephen Konig writes,

This streaming version of Photoshop is designed to run straight from the cloud to your Chromebook. It’s always up-to-date and fully integrated with Google Drive, so there’s no need to download and re-upload files—just save your art directly from Photoshop to the cloud.

I got to kick the tires before I left Adobe, and performance (at least over a fast network connection) was strikingly good even on a $200 Chromebook. The only limitation I noticed was the lack of GPU-powered features (canvas rotation, a soft-edged cursor for brush resizing, etc.).

Check out Adobe’s site for an FAQ & to apply for program access.  [Via]

Meet Nixie, a tiny wearable flying drone

Clever, useful innovation? Indictment of a self-indulgent, self-centered culture? Both? PetaPixel writes,

Like a camera watch with propellers, Nixie (in theory) could detach itself from you with the flick of a wrist, fly a few feet away, take your picture (or a panorama or a movie), and then return to your wrist in something resembling a gadget you might have seen in Minority Report.

Check it out: