Monthly Archives: December 2014

Get $30 from Amazon when buying the Adobe photography subscription

Good to know: according to PetaPixel, if you subscribe through Amazon instead of Adobe, you’ll get $30 to spend on Amazon:

Adobe CC’s Photography Program gives you access to the latest versions of both Photoshop CC and Lightroom for $10 a month. You’ll need to purchase the 12-month plan and pay $120 over a year for the $30 in Amazon credit.

This deal will only run through the end of 2014, and you’ll receive a promo code for $30 via email by February 14th, 2015 (there’s a delay in case you ask for a full refund within the first month).

Check out your Year in Photos!

If you’ve been backing up photos & videos via Google+, check out to see the Year in Photos we’ve made you. Here’s mine:

We’d love to hear your feedback about the movies. If you’re not yet using Auto Backup, here’s how to get started. And if for some reason you didn’t get a video but should have (i.e. you’ve uploaded plenty of shots this year), please shoot me a note (john dot nack at gmail) so we can try to get things sorted out. Thanks!


Great news for designers: Matthew Richmond joins Adobe

I’ve been a huge fan of Chopping Block and its cofounder Matthew Richmond for as long as I’ve been around the industry. (Actually, that’s not quite right: I used to kinda loathe them for being so, so much better at design than I was!) Therefore I’m thrilled that Matthew has signed on Director of Experience Design at Adobe. For years he’s been a thoughtful & generous sounding board for Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other apps, and I can’t wait to see him apply his creativity & fiendish attention to detail to Adobe’s offerings.