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Snapseed plans: The return of Grunge & more

Snapseed 2.0 is an enormous new release, and along with all the new goodness (non-destructive editing, brushing, healing, masks, new filters, etc.), a few changes have proven controversial. The team is listening (especially via the user forum) and planning improvements.

Among these, we plan to bring back the Grunge filter (not the most widely used tool—hence its removal from v2—but one with a very passionate following). We’ll also offer a way to play nicely with apps (e.g. Lightroom) that don’t yet support iOS 8’s model for non-destructive editing (see previous post). I can’t promise a specific timeframe, but stay tuned.

Thanks for all the feedback to date, and please keep it coming!

YouTube adds spherical video support for GoPro’s new acquisition

Check out the interactive hotness below. Per the Verge:

GoPro just announced that it has purchased Kolor, a French company that specializes in virtual reality software.

Kolor’s software lets users to combine multiple photographs or videos to make 360-degree panoramas and videos, or “spherical content” as the companies call it. The ability to create interactive content is something that GoPro hasn’t been able to directly offer its customers until now, even though many virtual reality content creators are using the company’s cameras.


Kung Fury

Hasselhoff. Hitler. Power Glove. You’re welcome.

Detail by crapulent detail, this lovingly art directed video channels the eye-gouging best of the 80’s, complete with multiple Countaches & awful lip syncing:

Consider your week started properly.

[YouTube] [Via Alex Powell]