Video: Top 5 New Features in Snapseed 2

I love seeing photographers start putting this very rich update through its paces. PetaPixel writes,

Photographer Mark Ryan Sallee of Michromatic just posted this video in which he shares the top 5 new features found in Snapseed 2.0. The 14-minute video covers the bigger view, highlights slider, perspective correction, content aware fill, and edit history.


One thought on “Video: Top 5 New Features in Snapseed 2

  1. I love the updates to Snapseed!! It’s so much more powerful and cool!! …except for one thing – they removed the Grunge filter. I don’t use it often but now and then some photo is just perfect for it. I updated Snapseed on my iPad but won’t do it on my phone until they bring Grunge back. I don’t understand why they would remove it. 🙁

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