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“Faces of Frida,” a huge interactive exhibition from Google

I’d never previously seen many of the pieces exhibited in this new gallery:

The “Faces of Frida” brings Frida Kahlo’s most iconic artwork together for the first time in the largest digital retrospective on Frida, that embraces her work, life, and legacy. Discover several of her pieces that have never been viewable online, as well as personal photographs, letters, journals, clothes, and early sketches of some of Kahlo’s finest work, which were hidden from the world on the back of finished paintings.


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Demo: Generating realistic 3D faces & skin from ordinary photos

10+ years ago, I really hoped we’d get Photoshop to understand a human face as a 3D structure that one could relight, re-pose, etc. We never got there, sadly. Last year we gave Snapseed the ability to change the orientation of a face (see GIF)—another small step in the right direction. Progress marches forward, and now USC prof. Hao Li & team have demonstrated a method for generating models with realistic skin from just ordinary input images. It’ll be fun to see where this leads (e.g. see previous).]



“Deep Video Portraits” can put words in your mouth

Part of me says, “What great new tools for expressive video editing!”

The other part says, “This will not end well…”

[W]e are the first to transfer the full 3D head position, head rotation, face expression, eye gaze, and eye blinking from a source actor to a portrait video of a target actor… [W]e can reenact the full head using interactive user-controlled editing, and realize high-fidelity visual dubbing.


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The joyously absurd Rube Goldberg machines of Joseph Herscher

I’m getting way too big a kick out of the work of kinetic artist & toymaker Joseph Herscher:

Khoi Vinh writes, in an inventory worth of Stefon (“this place has everything…”),

Herscher’s pièce de résistance may be “The Cake Server,” shown above: a gorgeous monstrosity that brings together melting butter, a glass of juice that pours its contents into itself, a baby using a smartphone and much more to serve a slice of upside-down cake to a plate in its God-intended manner of delivery. It’s a marvel to behold.



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Red hearts, white stars (but no purple horseshoes) come to Google Photos

Been a long time in coming, but we’re getting there at last:

The Favorite (star) button will only appear on photos in your own library, allowing you to mark an individual item as a favorite which, in turn, will automatically populate a new photo album with just your favorite photos. […]

Meanwhile, the heart icon is Google Photos’ version of the “like.” This will appear only on those photos that have been shared with you from your family and friends.


Photography: A Timelapse Tornado

Perhaps my earliest memory (circa age 4) is of watching a giant tornado bounce across the plains of southern Wisconsin, blazing through arcing power lines & bounding over a farmhouse as my mom debated whether to force me & my grandparents out of the car to shelter in a ditch. “It looks like a big ice cream cone!” I said.

Photographer Mike Olbinski succeeded in capturing a half-mile-wide cone of his own in this striking clip: