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Luma’s AI meme machine rolls on

Days of Miracles & Wonder, as always…

Here’s a micro tutorial on how to create similar effects:

Can you use Photoshop GenFill on video?

Well, it doesn’t create animated results, but it can work perhaps surprisingly well on regions in static shots:

It can also be used to expand the canvas of similar shots:


Much amaze, wowo wowo:

This Lego machine can easily create a beautiful pixelart of anything you want! It is programmed in Python, and, with help of OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, it can make anything!

DesignBoom writes,

Sten of the YouTube channel Creative Mindstorms demonstrates his very own robot printer named Pixelbot 3000, made of LEGO bricks, that can produce pixel art with the help of OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and AI images. Using a 32 x 32 plate and numerous round LEGO bricks, the robot printer automatically pins the pieces onto their designated positions until it forms the pixel art version of the image. He uses Python as his main programming language, and to create pixel art of anything, he employs AI, specifically OpenAI’s DALL-E 3.

Glif enables SD-powered image remixing via right click

Fun! You can grab the free browser extension here.

* right-click-remix any image w/ tons of amazing AI presets: Style Transfer, Controlnets… * build & remix your own workflows with full comfyUI support * local + cloud!

besides some really great default presets using all sorts of amazing ComfyUI workflows (which you can inspect and remix on, the extension will now also pull your own compatible glifs into it!

MimicBrush promises prompt-free regional adjustment

The tech, a demo of which you can try here, promises “‘imitative editing,’ allowing users to edit images using reference images without the need for detailed text descriptions.”

Here it is in action:

Runway introduces Gen-3 video

Good grief, the pace of change makes “AI vertigo” such a real thing. Just last week we were seeing “skeleton underwater” memes with Runway submerged in a rusty chair. :-p I’m especially excited to see how it handles text (which remains a struggle for text-to-image models including DALL•E):

Google introduces a super fun GenType tool

I’m really digging the simple joy in this little experiment, powered by Imagen:

Here’s a bit of fun enabled by “weedy seadragons on PVC pipes in a magical undersea kingdom” (click to see at full res):

Luma unveils Dream Machine video generator

I’m super eager to try this one out!

It is a highly scalable and efficient transformer model trained directly on videos making it capable of generating physically accurate, consistent and eventful shots. Dream Machine is our first step towards building a universal imagination engine and it is available to everyone now!

Adobe TOS = POS? Not so much.

There’s been a firestorm this week about the terms of service that my old home team put forward, based (as such things have been since time immemorial) on a lot of misunderstanding & fear. Fortunately the company has been working to clarify what’s really going on.

I did at least find this bit of parody amusing:

HyperDreamBooth, explained in 5 minutes

My former Google teammates have been cranking out some amazing AI personalization tech, with HyperDreamBooth far surpassing the performance of their original DreamBooth (y’know, from 2022—such a simpler ancient time!). Here they offer a short & pretty accessible overview of how it works:

Using only a single input image, HyperDreamBooth is able to personalize a text-to-image diffusion model 25x faster than DreamBooth, by using (1) a HyperNetwork to generate an initial prediction of a subset of network weights that are then (2) refined using fast finetuning for high fidelity to subject detail. Our method both conserves model integrity and style diversity while closely approximating the subject’s essence and details.

Check out The TED AI Show

“Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way” is, generally, ironic shorthand for “worthless treasure”—but I’ve also found it to be true. That’s particularly the case for the time I spent at Google, where I met excellent folks like Bilawal Sidhu (a fellow PM veteran of the augmented reality group). I’m delighted that he’s now crushing it as the new host of the TED AI Show podcast.

Check out their episodes so far, including an interview with former OpenAI board member Helen Toner, who discusses the circumstances of firing Sam Altman last year before losing her board position.

“Hundreds of Beavers”: A bizarre, AE-infused romp

I haven’t yet seen Hundreds of Beavers, but it looks gloriously weird:

I particularly enjoyed this Movie Mindset podcast episode, which in part plays as a fantastic tribute to the power of After Effects:

We sit down with Mike Cheslik, the director of the new(ish) silent comedy action farce Hundreds of Beavers. We discuss his Wisconsin influences, ultra-DIY approach to filmmaking, making your film exactly as stupid as it needs to be, and the inherent humor of watching a guy in a mascot costume get wrecked on camera.