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Google introduces a new design language, Material

Check out Material Design (pdf), a new look & feel for creating clean, fluid apps:


It’s nice to see these developments drawing a favorable response:

  • “By far my favorite thing announced at I/O today…” — John Gruber
  • “Google’s transition from a company that used to think about design the same way as it thought about human resources—as a cost of doing business—to a company that prioritizes design is remarkable, at least insofar as its products look and feel and work so much better today than they used to.” — Khoi Vinh
This transition will take us plenty of work, and it will be worth it. [YouTube]

Short film: Slap Fight

Another curious bit of single-serving sociology:

In the spirit of the video of strangers kissing for the first time, a filmmaker got 40 of his acquaintances together and had them to slap each other in the face.

My favorite part of playing Doc in West Side Story was, night after night, cracking my slightly pretentious friend in the mouth.

[YouTube] [Via Bridgette W]

Journalist asks artists around the world to “make me beautiful”

 Interesting work from Esther Honig:

Photoshop has become a symbol of our society’s unobtainable standards for beauty. My project, Before & After, examines how these standards vary across cultures on a global level. […]

With a cost ranging from five to thirty dollars, and the hope that each designer will pull from their personal and cultural constructs of beauty to enhance my unaltered image, all I request is that they ‘make me beautiful’.

Below is a selection from the resulting images thus far. They are intriguing and insightful in their own right; each one is a reflection of both the personal and cultural concepts of beauty that pertain to their creator.

Click through to her site to see the full set.



World Cup: Paint your face through Google

My team has built a fun little feature: Add a hashtag to your photo (e.g. #PaintUSA), share it on Google+, and we’ll automatically apply the country flag of your choice. My colleague Alex Powell (who recently joined us from Dreamworks) did this work and writes,

  • Take a photo of yourself and up to 5 friends who’d like their faces painted
  • Share it on Google+ with the hashtag #PaintUSA or any other country in the knockout round (list of hashtags)
  • After a few minutes check back in your stream. The faces will be painted with the country flag of your choice

Give it a shot and let us know what you think!


Supercut: Gearing Up

If this doesn’t get you ready to take on the day… what could?

You’re about to face your greatest battle be it your nemesis/space aliens or just life in general. What do you do? You need to GEAR UP. Check out this awesome supercut of all finest ‘gearing up’ scenes from movie land.

[YouTube] [Via Shawn Cheris]

Watch me demo Google’s new non-destructive cloud imaging

I joined Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski on The Grid yesterday, starting the product demo around 12:22, getting to the new edit list at 13:55, and talking about how computer vision enables applying interesting, editable looks around 17:00.

What do you think? Where should we go from here?

(Side note/business opportunity for you: I’ll pay good money for a human bark collar that zaps me every time I say “ah.” Good lord… I will fix that, period.)