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The Bionic(le) Man: Kids literally arms himself via Lego

Weak side: Complaining about doing push-ups.
Strong side: Being born with a partial arm, saying F it, Imma build myself a Lego arm & do push-ups on that

Ever since he was a kid, David Aguilar was obsessed with Lego. He spent his childhood building cars, planes, helicopters, and eventually, his own prosthetic. Born with a deformed arm, the self-named “Hand Solo” decided to take his Lego-building skills to the next level. At age 18, he perfected his designs with the MK2, a prosthetic arm with the ability to bend and pick up objects with a pincer-like grip. Now, he’s the coolest kid on the block.


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The terrific behind-the-scenes making of Apple’s “Welcome Home”

Spike Jonze, a quarter century on from Sabotage (Dios mio…), continues to crush it. AdWeek writes,

The almost seven-minute mini-documentary, directed by Danilo Parra, explores all the creative disciplines in wonderful detail, shedding light on the challenges that the intricate piece presented every step of the way.

And if you somehow haven’t seen the finished piece, enjoy:

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A beautiful visualization of flight paths in AR

It’s a running joke at Google that you can spend your whole career not knowing what the people nearby you are doing, or even who they are. (In fact, I continue to harbor a dream about creating an AR overlay that would solve this, but that’s another story.) As it happens, I just discovered that my teammate Bill has been making some really cool augmented reality experiments, including the open source Flight Paths:

Flight Paths is an experiment that transforms your room into a flight path visualization. Touch any horizontal surface and explore as flights take off from JFK or SFO and fly around your space. Learn more at

Continual note to self: Ask people more about what they’re doing!



New eerily realistic “Siren” performance capture & rendering

We now find ourselves in one of those internal arms races, with one group of nerds working to realistically smooth real people’s skin in realtime while others work to make fake people’s skin realistically imperfect. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

‘Siren’, a high-fidelity, real-time virtual “human,” is the brainchild of Epic Games, 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Tencent, and Vicon, and was designed as a more effective, timesaving alternative for creating hyperrealistic video game characters… Look up close, and you’ll find that ‘Siren’ even has beauty “imperfections” like pimples and visible pores.


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1,760 LED screens dance in Coke’s epic 3D billboard

A new drink awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to imbibe again…

Atlanta Inno writes,

Coca-Cola unveiled the six-story digital advertisement in August, winning two Guinness World Records titles: “The Largest 3D Robotic Billboard” and “The First 3D Robotic Billboard.” The company has featured an advertisement in Times Square for more than 97 years and the latest sign features 1,760 independently moving LED screens, creating a multisensory experience for the audience, according to a news release.