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AI Holiday Leftovers, Vol. 3

AI Holiday Leftovers, Vol. 2

  • 3D:
  • Typography:
    • Retro-futuristic alphabet rendered with Midjourney V6: “Just swapped out the letter and kept everything else the same. Prompt: Letter “A”, cyberpunk style, metal, retro-futuristic, star wars, intrinsic details, plain black background. Just change the letter only. Not all renders are perfect, some I had to do a few times to get a good match. Try this strategy for any type of cool alphabet!”
    • As many others have noted, Midjourney is now good at type. Find more here.

AI Holiday Leftovers, Vol. 1

Dig in, friends. 🙂

  • Drawing/painting:
    • Using a simple kids’ drawing tablet to create art: “I used @Vizcom_ai to transform the initial sketch. This tool has gotten soo good by now. I then used @LeonardoAi_’s image to image to enhance the initial image a bit, and then used their new motion feature to make it move. I also used @Magnific_AI to add additional details to a few of the images and Decohere AI’s video feature.”
    • Latte art: “Photoshop paint sent to @freepik’s live canvas. The first few seconds of the video are real-time to show you how responsive it is. The music was made with @suno_ai_. Animation with Runways Gen-2.”
  • Photo editing:
    • Google Photos gets a generative upgrade: “Magic Eraser now uses gen AI to fill in detail when users remove unwanted objects from photos. Google Research worked on the MaskGIT generative image transformer for inpainting, and improved segmentation to include shadows and objects attached to people.”
    • Clothing/try-on:
      • PICTURE: PhotorealistIC virtual Try-on from UnconstRained dEsigns: “We propose a novel virtual try-on from unconstrained designs (ucVTON) task to enable photorealistic synthesis of personalized composite clothing on input human images.”
      • AnyDoor is “a diffusion-based image generator with the power to teleport target objects to new scenes at user-specified locations in a harmonious way.”
    • SDXL Auto FaceSwap enables to create new images using the face of a source image (example attached).

AI: Tons of recent rad things

  • Realtime:
  • 3D generation:
  • 3D for fashion, sculpting, and more:
  • AnimateDiff v3 was just released.
  • Instagram has enabled image generation inside chat (pretty “meh,” in my experience so far), and in stories creation, “It allows you to replace a background of an image into whatever AI generated image you’d like.”
  • Did you know that you can train an AI Art model and get paid every time someone uses it? That’s Generaitiv’s Model Royalties System for you.”

Promising 3D research from Adobe

Check out LooseControl

…and Diffusion Handles: