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Photoshop introduces Generative Expand

It’s here (in your beta copy of Photoshop, same as Generative Fill), and it works pretty much exactly as I think you’d expect: drag out crop handles, then optionally specify what you want placed into the expanded region.

In addition:

Today, we’re excited to announce that Firefly-powered features in Photoshop (beta) will now support text prompts in 100+ languages — enabling users around the world to bring their creative vision to life with text prompts in the language they prefer.

AI images -> video: ridonkulous

It’s 2023, and you can make all of this with your GD telephone. And just as amazingly, a year or two from now, we’ll look back on feeling this way & find it quaint.

Food for thought: A more playful Firefly?

What’s a great creative challenge?
What fun games make you feel more connected with friends?
What’s the “Why” (not just the “What” & “How”) at the heart of generative imaging?

These are some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves as we seek out some delightful, low-friction ways to get folks creating & growing their skills. To that end I had a ball joining my teammates Candice, Beth Anne, and Gus for a Firefly livestream a couple of weeks ago, engaging in a good chat with the audience as we showed off some of the weirder & more experimental ideas we’ve had. I’ve cued up this vid to roughly the part where we get into those ideas, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on those—or really anything in the whole conversation. TIA!

Like DreamBooth? Meet HyperDreamBooth.

10,000x smaller & 25x faster? My old Google teammates & their collaborators, who changed the generative game last year by enabling custom model training, are now proposing to upend things further by enabling training via a single image—and massively faster, too. Check out this thread:

Hola! Willkommen! Bem-vindo! Firefly goes global

Check it out!

Details, if you’re interested:

What’s new with Adobe Firefly?

Firefly can now support prompts in over 100 languages. Also, the Firefly website is now available in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, with additional languages to come.

How are the translations of prompts done?

Support for over 100 languages is in beta and uses machine translation to English provided by Microsoft Translator. This means that translations are done by computers and not manually by humans.

What if I see errors in translations or my prompt isn’t accurately translated?

Because Firefly uses machine translation, and given the nuances of each language, it’s possible certain generations based on translated prompts may be inaccurate or unexpected. You can report negative translation results using the Report tool available in every image.

Can I type in a prompt in another language in the Adobe Express, Photoshop, and Illustrator beta apps?

Not at this time, though this capability will be coming to those apps in the future.

Which languages will the Firefly site be in on 7/12?

We are localizing the Firefly website into Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and expanding to others on a rolling basis.

AI: Talking Firefly & the Future

I had a ball chatting last week with Farhad & Faraz on the Bad Decisions Podcast. (My worst decision was to so fully embrace vacation that I spaced on when we were supposed to chat, leaving me to scramble from the dog park & go tear-assing home to hop on the chat. Hence my terrible hair, which Farhad more than offset with his. 😌) We had a fast-paced, wide-ranging conversation, and I hope you find it valuable. As always I’d love to hear any & all feedback on what we’re doing & what you need.

Firefly livestream: “Using AI in the Real World”

If you enjoyed yesterday’s session with Tomasz & Lisa, I think you’ll really dig this one as well:

Join Lisa Carney and Jesús Ramirez as they walk you through their real world projects and how they use Generative Ai tools to help their workflow. Join them as they show you they make revisions from client feedback, create different formats from a single piece, and collaborate together using Creative Cloud Libraries. Stay tuned to check out some of their work from real life TV shows!

Guest Lisa Carney is a photographer and photo retoucher based in LA. Host Jesús Ramirez is a San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Designer and the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube.

Firefly livestream: Pro compositors show how they use the tech

Tomas Opasinski & Lisa Carney are *legit* Hollywood photo compositors, in Friday’s Adobe Live session they showed how they use Firefly to design movie posters.

Interestingly, easily the first half had little if anything to do with AI or other technology per se, and everything to do with the design language of posters (e.g. comedies being set on white, Japanese posters emphasizing text)—which I found just as intriguing.