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Animation: Trippy photography plays with time in Ireland

Time, they say, has the nice property of keeping everything from happening at once. But what would it look like if everything did happen at once?

Photographer Páraic McGloughlin hung out on a bridge in Sligo, Ireland for 19 hours, to create a single, day-long shot that he then manipulated. Colossal writes,

“Using a fundamental image (a time lapse) to mask and cut into, I tried to show the variable possibilities within a limited time span, maintaining the integrity of each individual photograph while dissecting and rearranging the overall image.” The visual content was matched with each layer of audio created by Cooper to form the song, which stacks up to over one hundred layers. 

Check it out:

New open-source Google AI experiments help people make art

One’s differing physical abilities shouldn’t stand in the way of drawing & making music. Body-tracking tech from my teammates George & Tyler (see previous) is just one of the new Web-based experiments in Creatability. Check it out:

Creatability is a set of experiments made in collaboration with creators and allies in the accessibility community. They explore how creative tools – drawing, music, and more – can be made more accessible using web and AI technology. They’re just a start. We’re sharing open-source code and tutorials for others to make their own projects.



BumpTop is back… now in AR!

I wish I could find the joke video someone made when Google acquired the beloved email client Sparrow back in 2012. The vid presented itself as a cheerful tutorial on “How to prepare for the Sparrow Google migration” that basically went like this: 

  1. Open your Applications folder.
  2. Locate the Sparrow app icon.
  3. Now, carefully just drag it to the trash.
  4. Empty the trash.
  5. And voila, now you’re ready for Google’s ownership of this great app!

I’ve thought of it countless times over the years, and I think of it now recalling BumpTop, a 3D desktop GUI that I first wrote about 13 years ago (!):

Google acquired the tech & team back in 2010, and then… nothing, as far as I know. (All this predated my time at the company, so I have zero inside info.) Empty the trash, and voila!

But evidently not content to let things die, the BumpTop team has reemerged with Spatial, a new approach to team collaboration done via virtual & augmented reality. Check it out:

Will Spatial have more lasting impact than BumpTop? I have no idea! But I look forward to trying it out, and I’m sure glad that teams like this are busy trying to make the world more delightful.


[YouTube 1 & 2]

Power to the people: Voice UI helps a kid find autonomy

This is pretty rad:

Robbie has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which has left him able to control only his eyes, head and right thumb joint. […] Bill Weis, a retired tech worker […] set up Robbie’s bed to be controlled by voice activation. While working on the bed, Bill had an epiphany: if he can control the bed this way, why not everything else in Robbie’s bedroom universe?

Check out the story of tech + kindness + grit:


Eye-popping racing drone footage of mountain bike action

Man, apparently some of the biker scouts from Endor lived on & now thread drones through forrest gaps over crazy mountain biking trails, as seen in this bonkers project from Cinematic Flow:

“We designed and refined FPV drones since 5 years now. When Kilian spoke about his idea of putting a GoPro Fusion on one of our drones, we were intrigued but thrilled about this new challenge. The design and the flying of this set up are so different than what we are used to, there were loads of crashes but the end result is so refreshing and pushes the drone shot to the next level.” Pierre, engineer at Cinematic Flow

Now, how about a look behind the scenes?

We trust the cam, we ensure a light flying and tighten the buttocks to export!



[YouTube 12] [Via Luke Wroblewski]