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Google Photos tip: Finding photos from friends

Actually giving friends photos (vs. merely sharing them in a hard-to-download/keep manner) is one of my favorite things about Google Photos. When you share a link to one or more images or videos, your recipient can simply click the little “cloud download” icon to add the content to her library. (Try it now with some aircraft/missile photos I shot Monday evening.)

The slightly frustrating thing is that if the images you’re given weren’t recently captured, it can be hard to find them in your library because they’re sorted according to capture date. Fortunately you can easily show recent files: bookmark this link or just click the search bar, then click the “Recently added” tile at the bottom. And boom, whatever files you just added from your friend will now show up at the top of the list.

A look at the Street View Trekker

I got a kick out of this insight into Google’s wearable (and borrowable!) Street View capture devices:

In this episode we’re learning how Google Street View gets off the streets and into some of the crazier places it goes – like the Grand Canyon, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Amazon Jungle.

If you’d like to apply to borrow the Trekker (aka the Google Street View backpack) to map a place you care about,


Big-data brainiac wanted for the Google Photos team

Does this sound like you?

[Y]ou serve as an analytics expert for your partners, using numbers to help them make better decisions. You weave stories with meaningful insight from data. You make critical recommendations for your fellow Googlers in Engineering and Product Management. As a self-starter, you relish tallying up the numbers one minute and communicating your findings to a team leader the next.

If so, check out more details in the job description—and hope to meet you soon!

[Via Chris Perry, with whom you’d be working, and who’s great]

OctoMadness: A 3D-printed zoetrope

Spinning in infinity:

The OctoMadness is a combination of 3D animation, 3D printing, sawing, painting and gluing every piece together… Designer and animator Klaas-Harm de Boer, wanted to create very flexible characters that show the power and freedom of animation. This zoetrope enables the audience to see each individual frame separately and gives a great insight into creating the final animation.


What’s the big deal moving from Google+ Photos to Google Photos?

Not much, fortunately. Longtime G+ photo community maven Trey Ratcliff has posted a quick overview for people making the transition.


From his G+ post:

  • Effectively, nothing really changes because you can still upload photos and share them on Google+ publicly or in communities.
  • The new Google Photos is just an improved interface which I like way better because I can upload once and share anywhere.
  • People can still comment on photos that are posted to G+ or Communities… hashtags, tagging, and all that stuff still works…
  • You can still access all your old photos and videos on Google+ from the photos tab of your profile page.
  • None of your old comments and +1’s will go away (where did people get that from?)