Crowdsourcing “The Greatest Action Movie Ever”

This neat VFX-laden movie is meant to get kids moving in an effort to fight childhood obesity.

[T]he movie is the result of a two month-long contest that invited kids ages 5-18 to submit videos on that showcase their action moves and healthy eating habits in one of nine different scripted scenes. […] More than 1,300 kids submitted videos and auditioned for the film, and over 5,000 kids cast their vote to select real kids from across the nation to star in G.A.M.E. alongside Ryan Ochoa.

[Vimeo] [Via Ben Jones]

One thought on “Crowdsourcing “The Greatest Action Movie Ever”

  1. Interesting idea but I would bet any of the kids who auditioned for the first one won’t do it again and even so, one day of exercise or eating vegetables doesn’t solve the obesity problem.

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